You probably realize how important it is to protect your eyes on a sunny day. But the weather doesn’t have to be sunny for you to find out about the harmful effects of UV rays. Don’t be fooled by clouds, ultraviolet rays can bounce off sand, water, snow, and buildings, even on the cloudiest day. How to deal with radiation and glare? The revolutionary LumiViss Pro glasses come to the rescue.

Why buy LumiViss Pro glasses? UV protection

UV glasses, which protect against ultraviolet radiation, are gaining popularity as more and more people learn about the harmful effects of the sun. But while most people protect their skin, some don’t realize they should also protect their eyesight – after all, our eyes also absorb the same harmful rays. Fortunately, the protective layer in LumiViss Pro glasses can helps prevent UV damage to the eyes.

There are three types of ultraviolet radiation – UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. Not much is heard of UV-C because the Earth’s ozone layer absorbs it, so the risk to humans is minimal. But both UV-A and UV-B can cause short- and long-term damage to the eyes and eyesight. When it comes to ultraviolet radiation, the sun is a daily threat, but welders, solariums and lasers can also produce UV rays.

Short-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation without glasses protecting against UV radiation can cause damage similar to sunburn. Eyes may become red and swollen. If you are very sensitive to light, you may also suffer from excessive stimulation. In addition, if your eyes are exposed to prolonged solar radiation, there is a risk of cataract development or macular degeneration in later life.

Some of the more serious effects of long-term UV exposure include eye and eyelid cancer and corneal and retinal damage. Some of these conditions cannot be cured, so it is important to prevent them by choosing the right glasses.

UV damage accumulates over the course of a lifetime, so it is particularly important to provide adequate protection even for children. Approximately 1/4 of UV damage to the eyes occurs before the age of 20. UV-protective sunglasses such as LumiViss Pro are essential for maintaining the health of the eyes.

How LumiViss Pro glasses work

The protection against UV radiation is achieved by blocking ultraviolet light from reaching the eyes. Just as a sunscreen helps protect your skin from UV damage, so LumiViss Pro blocks most of the ultraviolet rays that reach your eyes. They can block out up to 100% of the ultraviolet radiation.

LumiViss Pro glasses provide both UV-A and UV-B protection. They also block out 75 to 90 percent of all visible light to maximize the protection of your eyesight. An additional anti-reflection coating improves vision, reduces eye fatigue, and makes your glasses look more attractive.

Lumiviss Pro - pack

Why choose glasses with anti-reflective coating?

LumiViss Pro glasses come with a superior anti-reflection (AR) coating. The AR coating is particularly beneficial for high index lenses. The higher the index of refraction of the lens material, the more light will be reflected from the lens surface.

Modern LumiViss Pro anti-reflective coating can virtually eliminate light reflection from the lenses of glasses, allowing 99.5% of the available light to pass through the lenses and get into the eye, improving vision quality. Of course, this value does not apply to harmful light – UV light and so-called blue light.

By eliminating reflections, the AR coating makes the LumiViss Pro’s lenses almost invisible, so your interlocutors can see your eyes and facial expression. Anti-reflection glasses are also more attractive than regular glasses, so you can look your best in all lighting conditions.

The visual benefits of anti-reflective lenses include sharper vision with less glare when driving at night and greater comfort when using a computer for long periods of time (compared to wearing non-AR-coated lenses). When applied to photochromic lenses, the AR coating improves their clarity and comfort in all lighting conditions without compromising on their ability to respond to the sun.

An anti-reflective coating is also a good idea for sunglasses, as it eliminates the glare of sunlight reflected in your eyes from the back of dimmed lenses when the sun is behind you.

For whom are the LumiViss Pro glasses intended?

  1. for persons suffering from ailments related to excessive exposure to artificial light, sunlight, or adverse effects of blue light, in particular:
  • people working in front of the computer.
  • employees who spend a lot of time in a work environment with artificial lighting, especially with LED lighting.
  • people suffering from light sensitivity (e.g. cataracts, visual impairment) and requiring protection against UV rays and blue light.
  • children who spend many hours in front of their tablet, smartphone, or TV.
  • People practicing amateur water sports, land sports – mainly in the open air.
  1. for persons who spend a lot of time in the sun:
    • lifeguards, cyclists, people working in construction and repair work in the open air, those practicing water sports or often travelling to tropical countries.
  2. for persons, whose work or hobbies require the use of high-end anti-glare and anti-UV glasses:
    • drivers, athletes, anglers, water sports enthusiasts, cyclists.

Benefits of LumiViss Pro glasses:

  • Protection against blue light (up to 41%) emitted by computer screen, tablet, smartphone, TV, LED lighting.
  • Protection against ultraviolet radiation, UVA 100%, UVB 99.9%, UV-C 100%.
  • Protection against electromagnetic radiation.
  • Reduced fatigue and weariness, redness and dryness of the eyes, headaches, and insomnia (caused by a reduction in melatonin due to excessive exposure to blue light).
  • Anti-reflective lenses, ensuring comfort of driving, cycling and sports.
  • Additional glasses on the sides improve lateral vision.
  • Recommended for people suffering from hypersensitivity to sunlight.
  • Frames are wide, can be worn over regular corrective glasses.
  • The frames are solidly manufactured and highly resistant to damage.
  • The glasses are very comfortable, well adapted to the shape of the head.
  • The set includes two pairs of glasses + protective case.

LumiViss Pro Glasses – origins history

Research on LumiViss Pro technology began several years ago. It was then that the Polish ophthalmologist, Dr. Andrzej Jankowski, carried out the first test of new, revolutionary lenses, designed to reflect even 100% of UV radiation. The satisfactory effects of the experiment made the team from the Jagiellonian University devote an additional three years to refine the appropriately shaped glass that would support the process of seeing in the most optimal way.

laboratory tests - Lumiviss Pro

In 2010, Dr. Jankowski contacted the Technology Department of the University of New York to seek advice from American specialists. They recommended him to use a new technology to reflect light with a layer of cations. Between 2011 and 12, Dr. Jankowski was in the USA, writing a scientific paper on the latest technologies for creating anti-reflective lenses.

In 2014 Jankowski moved his research to America. Until 2015, he visited universities in six different states.

The first experiments on the final product – LumiViss Pro – began in 2016. Specially designed glasses were given to two thousand subjects in clinical trials.

Improved visual comfortImproved driving comfortReduced feeling of tirednessGeneral satisfaction
LumiViss Pro9/1010/1010/109/10
Ordinary glasses6/107/105/106/10

Only people who, due to their work or hobbies, were forced to watch something intensely were qualified for the study. The respondents were divided into two groups: one wore modern LumiViss Pro glasses every day, the other – ordinary glasses from a local manufacturer.

At first, the differences in wearing comfort were not significant. In the first week, LumiViss Pro wearers noticed reduced fatigue, less headache, and a significant improvement in peripheral vision. At the same time, the control group did not notice any particular changes.

Most of the difference could be observed in the second week of the experiment. While the patients wearing LumiViss Pro spoke about the great comfort of wearing glasses in full sun, the second group complained about persistent glare. Many of the control group’s subjects reported that they couldn’t concentrate on their computer work or driving – these problems did not occur in the LumiViss Pro group. In the following weeks, it was clear that the control group had started to experience certain fatigue.

In the end, patients in the LumiViss Pro group declared that they were completely satisfied with the product during the month-long study, while the receiving control group assessed the product as “average” after initial satisfaction.

Opinion of Dr Jankowski on LumiViss Pro

dr Janowski“We owe this spectacular success to researchers from over eight countries and combined ophthalmic and technological knowledge. It would not have happened without the involvement of many different persons from several universities.

I devoted my first research to the influence of UV rays on the retina. Now I know how much damage they can do. Not only do they have a negative effect on the organ of vision itself, making it difficult to see, but they could also cause cataracts and have a number of unpleasant side effects, such as eye cancer. That is why it is so important to wear the right glasses every day to filter out harmful types of light.

It is worth remembering that almost 78% of absorbed radiation is harmful to the eyes. Before buying glasses, make sure that they contain layers protecting against UV radiation. Without this you will not achieve the desired effects, even if the glasses are dimmed. Many people buy ordinary sunglasses without a UV filter which can even further damage their eyesight – the pupil expands because less visible light comes in, but at the same time it absorbs large amounts of invisible UV. In addition, the glare of beneficial sunlight makes vision more difficult. That is why it is so important to start choosing modern glasses, such as our LumiViss Pro. Only then can you expect good results.”

Opinions on LumiViss Pro

Elżbieta - opinion“LumiViss Pro are the first sunglasses by Polish manufacturer to fall into my hands. I tried different glasses and lenses, but they always caused me a headache. I’ve felt migraines and fatigue after a few hours of work. I’ve felt that I had not enough energy to read in the evening, my eyes hurt.

Using LumiViss Pro was primarily caused by my migraines. In the first week of wearing glasses they completely went away on the spot. I also saw better, and my eyes stopped hurting me. After just two weeks I was sure they worked this time – I felt better and everything was visible from me. I started to be more active, do sports in the open air. The purchase of LumiViss Pro certainly paid off for me.”

Elżbieta, 65, West Pomerania

Artur - opinion“I’m a truck driver and I am on the road for months. I rarely see my family and sometimes I drive up to sixteen hours a day. Of course, after so many hours of driving I have problems with my eyesight, mainly the feeling of sand under my eyelids and redness. I tried different reflective glasses, but even when they worked well, they still caused headaches after a few hours of use.

This lasted until a friend recommended me LumiViss Pro. These are the only glasses that didn’t cause me a headache and a growing feeling of fatigue. I wear them every day, from morning to evening, and I’ve never felt so good.”

Artur, 43, Mazovia

“I do water sports, which require excellent eyesight. Unfortunately, water reflects light strongly, and therefore staying in it for a long time makes my eyesight tired. Fortunately, LumiViss Pro glasses filter up to 99% of unnecessary sunlight – since I’ve been using them, I have no problems with UV radiation or reflections on the glass.”

Tomasz, 23, Subcarpathia

LumiViss Pro – Where to buy?

Lumiviss Pro - Buy nowTo sum up, LumiViss Pro are a one hundred percent effective, modern, anti-UV and broad-reflection glasses. It allows to get rid of headaches, red eyes, and the risk of cataracts in the future. It also regulates the amount of light that reaches the retina. Already several weeks of use allows to get rid of the most popular sight problems. LumiViss Pro is the best option for those who appreciate healthy eyes.


What makes up the LumiViss Pro?

The set consists of: Daytime driving glasses for drivers: LENSES: DARK Characteristics: UV 400 sunscreen, reduces the reflection effect, improves quality and vision comfort. Night vision glasses for drivers: LENSES: YELLOW BRIGHTENING Characteristics: They reduce the reflective effect, improve quality and visual comfort. In addition, each pair of glasses comes with a soft protective case as a gift.

Where do I buy the original LumiViss Pro set?

We only recommend the official sales channel. Use this link to make safe purchases:

Do LumiViss Pro glasses have a polarizing filter?

Yes, LumiViss Pro glasses have a polarizing filter.

What kind of rays are blocked by the glasses?

The UV400 filter blocks out all three UV-A, UV-B and UV-C ultraviolet rays. It provides full protection against the unwanted effects of exposure to sunlight.

Can I wear LumiViss Pro glasses together with corrective glasses?

The LumiViss Pro frames are quite wide and can be worn over regular corrective glasses.